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Herb Qualities
Peace and Happiness
Mother Nature's plant of eternal peace and happiness. Chamomile brings you to a peaceful state so you can connect with the sensory pleasures in life. Use the whole herb in an Aroma Sachet as a prelude to a treatment. In the midst of a Chamomile peaceful state so you can connect with the sensory pleasures in life. Use the whole herb in an Aroma Sachet as a prelude to a treatment. In the midst of a Chamomile induced euphoria, you are willing to let go of anything that no longer serves you.
Spiritual depth and wisdom
Rich, deep, and spiritual. Sage helps to infuse spirit wisdom with the heart. It brings you to a conscious meditative state so you can see yourself and your path clearly. Use this herb for clearing, clarity, and the wisdom of the sage.
Rose Hips
Strength of purpose and protection
Pungent, strengthening, protective, clarifying, and clearing. Rose Hips enhances vision, helping you to see the big picture more clearly. Use it to strengthen your resolve, set intentions, and follow through. This herb gives you strength of purpose.
Awakening mental clarity
Rosemary helps to clear the mind from doubts and worry to evoke conscious awareness and mental clarity. With clarity you have vision. With vision you have purpose. With purpose you have passion.
Red Clover
Heals the heart
Distinctive, sweet, and potent. Place Red Clover at the heart to feel love and acceptance. This fanciful herb helps to heal the heart of emotional hurts and wounds. It clears the blood of negativity so you are clear to fully experience true love and joy.
Lemon Balm
Soothes and calms the nerves
Soothing, calming, restorative. Soothes and calms the nerves, balances feelings and heals emotional imbalances of the heart. Lemon Balm was a fragrant, restorative herb used during the Middle Ages to treat melancholy. Use it in an aroma sachet or as a cold infused tea.

There is no right or wrong way to do these treatments. Use your imagination and create your own magic from your heart and soul. Connecting with nature allows you to create rather than react. Reducing stress and rejuvenating the spirit you and your clients will experience more love, passion, and purpose for life After all, love does make the world go around.

Flower Essences - are not to be confused with essential oils. Flower essences are considered to be the vibration or "spirit" of a plant. Flowers are picked at their peak of growth and placed in water to capture the essence of the plant in water. Each plant has its own healing characteristics and issues it helps to resolve. Flower essences help to resolve mental and emotional issues on an energy level by helping to fill in the "energy gaps" in a depleted spirit. You infuse the plant spirit with yours by taking it orally, placing it on the pulse points or spraying it in a mist.
Some useful Flower Essence Remedies to add to beverages or mists.
·         Walnut helps set boundaries and protection from outside sources.
·         Larch improves self-esteemand confidence.
·         Rock Water helps let go of unattainable standards set for yourself and others.
·         Holly heals emotional wounds in order to accept and love yourself.
·    Rescue Remedy essence and cream combines five flowers and is beneficial for any imbalance or stressful situation.

Healing Heart Stones:
se Quartz- Opens the heart to love and nurture you. When you discover that you are lovable, you are able to share your love with others. Use Rose Quartz to come from the heart in all communications.
venturine- Balance, equilibrium, peaceful heart. This stone helps to soften the protective shell around the heart. Wear it as a medallion to remind you to soften your message and come from the heart.
RECIPES Herbal Teas:
• Moon Balm Tea: Balances the emotions and soothes nervous tension. Fill a pitcher with ice water and a large bag of Lemon Balm tea. Place it on a counter or windowsill to capture the moonlight for one night. Refrigerate and serve this refreshing tea to clients before treatments.
• Rose Petal Tea: Opens your heart and allows love to blossom - connecting you with the unseen wonders of nature. Combine rose petals, red clover, and rose hips into a large tea bag. Steep in hot water for three to five minutes; add a splash of rose water and agave nectar to sweeten.

Gemstone Infused Water:
 Resonance Mist- use this as a spray before and after treatments to infuse heart resonance. Mix the following in one pint of water:
• Polished or tumbled Rose Quartz (cleaned and sanitized in hot water)
• Polished or tumbled Aventurine (cleaned and sanitized in hot water)
• Holly Bach Flower Essence for loving yourself - four drops
• Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - two to four drops

Music/Guided Visualizations:
Selected music that evokes feelings of love and the heart to soothe and restore energy.

Mother Nature's Little Helpers:
Mother Nature shares her bounty with us in many forms. Incorporating herbs, aromatherapy, and healing stones can boost your treatments healing quotient to the next level. Here are some favorites and their uses.
Healing Stones - Colorful stones and clear quartz contain spirit energy that helps to balance the human spirit. Each stone has a vibrational pattern based on its color and composition. Green and pink are the colors associated with the Heart Chakra and are used for heart­felt treatments.

Gem Elixirs - may be purchased or made by placing one or more gemstones of your choice into clean water, let them sit overnight, and use the infusion as part of a beverage or spray mist.

Aromatherapy - the sense of smell is the most powerful as it connects directly with the brain. Essential Oils from plants and flowers contain volatile oils that are considered to be the hormones of the plant. These hormones have chemical components that react with the hormone centers in the human brain triggering a physiological change in mood or behavior. Depending on the essential oil compounds and their properties, clients may experience feeling stimulated, balanced, relaxed, euphoric and more. The following Essential Oils may be used to encourage balance of the heart. Calms the emotions - Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Melissa, Clary Sage, and Neroli . Lift the spirits - Ylang Ylang, St John's Wort, Pettigrain, Bergamot, and Lemon Verbena
Herbs - are plant materials that are taken internally rather than inhaled. You may choose from capsules, tablets, teas and herbal elixirs, also called herbal tinctures. They work more on the physical body since they are ingested through the digestive tract and are assimilated through the body. The following Herbs may be used to help heal and balance the heart.
Calms the emotions - Scullcap, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile
Lifts the spirits - St Johns Wort, Oatstraw, and Lemon Balm

Glossary Terms:
Chakra - one of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy
Agave - any of numerous plants of the genus Agave, native to hot, dry regions of the New World and having basal rosettes of tough, sword-shaped, often spiny-margined leaves; agaves are grown for ornament, fiber, and food; also called century plant.
Reiki a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy; reiki is based on the belief that when spiritual energy is channeled through a reiki practitioner, the patient's spirit is healed, which in turn heals the physical body.

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